How to Stop Damir From Leaving

The Metro Exodus Full Strength trophy is one of the toughest to get as you play through the game; primarily because there’s not much indication of what to do to fulfil it. However, getting it is likely to go hand-in-hand with getting the “good” ending, so fans are recommended to make the extra effort to […]

Why Mary from Bohemian Rhapsody looks so familiar

Even though Bohemian Rhapsody gave Boynton a chance to show off her dramatic acting chops, she’s made a name for herself in horror movie circles. One of her more recent features, Apostle, is a bloody period piece that fits squarely in that category. The movie was directed by Gareth Evans, known for directing The Raid […]

Addictive habits every RPG gamer can’t avoid

Not every RPG has a massive cast, but if you’re playing one of the ones that does, watch out. When RPGs go big, they go really big. Chrono Cross, the PlayStation follow-up to Square’s classic Chrono Trigger, has 45 characters to recruit. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has 75. Suikoden and its sequels have a whopping […]

Fortnite Stats Shatter Records Through Apex Legends Launch

Apex Legends has become a huge deal overnight. Some people are even asserting that it is the “next Fortnite.” In fact, they’ve gone further than that. They’re pretty much saying, “Move over, Fortnite.” In truth though, Fortnite is actually doing really well. In fact, the game recently set a couple of new records. Epic Games […]