20 Rare Pics Of WWE Superstars As Fans

WWE.com The content, almost dumbfounded look on Bayley’s face at Elimination Chamber this past February said it all. She’d just become one half of the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, forged fresh history for females in the company and did it all with her mate. 10-15 years earlier, she could only have dreamed about […]

The stunning transformation of Emilia Clarke

When interviewed for Rolling Stone‘s “The First Time” series in 2017, Clarke was asked when she first realized she was famous. “I still haven’t quite realized,” she laughed. Instead, she relayed an anecdote about when her older brother first discovered she was famous, which was when her Game of Thrones character made it onto The Simpsons. […]

What the leaks have revealed about Apex Legends

If you have been keeping an eye on leaks since the game’s launch, you’ve probably been expecting Octane since a month before he joined the roster. In mid-February, just two weeks after the game’s launch, a Twitter user going by the handle @Shrugtal found the Legend’s name in the game’s files. Specifically, he tweeted out […]