Bungie Outlines Major Eververse Changes Coming This Fall

Destiny 2’s microtransactions-fueled Eververse has long been a sore spot for players who’d rather earn rewards by playing. To its credit, Bungie has strived to add value to the Eververse and the items it offers. This fall, those efforts will continue with two major Eververse changes Bungie recently detailed on its website. Destiny 2 Upcoming […]

Jana Duggar: Is She Finally Ready to Settle Down?

If you’re a fan of her family’s reality show, then you’re no doubt aware that Jana Duggar is single. The 29-year-old’s alleged difficulties in finding Mr. Right are not prominently featured on the show, but you can’t wander into one of the Duggar-obsessed corners of social media without running into a debate about […]

GRID Director: “I Hate Microtransactions”

Codemasters’ upcoming racer won’t have any microtransactions. The sad reality of the industry dictates that people always wonder one thing about any new upcoming AAA release- how it’s going to be monetized. If it’s not DLC, it’s loot boxes, and if it isn’t that, it’s cosmetic microtransactions- but the question always persists. One game that’s […]

How to Log Into Windows With Your Face or Fingerprint

How to Set Up Windows Hello To enable these biometric security features, you’ll need to add a PIN to your Windows 10 account and then register your Windows Hello device. So first, open the Start menu and search for “Windows Hello.” Press Enter to visit the Windows Hello settings, and click the Add button to […]

Why I don’t want Apple to kill 3D Touch on new iPhones

Unpopular opinion: I really like 3D Touch on iPhone. Apple introduced the pressure-sensitive display technology on the iPhone 6S in 2015 as an evolution of multi-touch. Apple executives gushed about how pressing harder on the screen would add a new dimension to tapping and swiping.  In light of multiple reports that claim Apple’s going to […]