8 Worst Things Two-Face Has Ever Done

Two Face 75 Years
DC Comics

Two-Face is one of Batman’s greatest adversaries, and given the macabre nature of the character’s comics, it was always going to be the case that the villain will have gotten up to some horrendous acts over the years.

Harvey Dent and his other personality (dubbed Big Bad Harv’) have gotten up to a whole lot since first appearing in Detective Comics #66, but the tragic thing is not all of it is bad. Dent became Gotham’s youngest District Attorney at the age of 26 and took on the city’s criminal underworld with Batman and Commissioner Gordon by his side, only to get scarred in court cross-examining a witness.

The tragedy would unleash Dent’s dormant other half and set him on a path to becoming one of the Dark Knight’s most formidable adversaries, but Two-Face was also one of DC’s most sympathetic characters. He was abused growing up, suppressed a dormant personality and lost everything because of it. As a result, Harvey becomes one of Bruce Wayne’s deadliest enemies, one with nothing to lose and a black and white morality that doesn’t care about reason, empathy, or negotiation.

The only thing that can save Dent’s victims is a coin toss, and unsurprisingly, when the coin lands on its scarred side, terrible things have occurred…

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