A Complete List of Revelry Armor and Eververse Items

There’s still roughly two weeks left for Destiny 2’s spring-themed Revelry event. That means players still have plenty of time to gather the event’s unique armor and cosmetic items. Whether you want to cross-reference which items you still need or you’re just curious, we’ve got you covered. This guide outlines every unique item Destiny 2 players can find during the Revelry.

Destiny 2 Revelry Items

Destiny 2 Revelry items

With a few exceptions, virtually all of the Revelry event’s items are obtained via the in-game Eververse. Some items are available for direct purchase on a rotating basis using Bright Dust. Players can also find items in the special Revelry Engrams that drop during the event. Revelry Engrams also utilize a “knock-out” format which prevents duplicate items from dropping.

Revelry Armor

  • Inaugural Revelry Set – Earned from Verdant Forest chests and via Eva Levante’s weekly bounties
  • Vernal Growth Set – Found in Revelry Engrams and included in the Eververse direct-buy rotation

Revelry Ghost Shells

All Ghost Shells are obtained via Eververse stock or Revelry Engrams

  • Ladylike Shell (Exotic)
  • Hatchling Shell (Legendary)
  • Prophet Shell (Legendary)
  • Lapine Shell (Exotic)
  • Verdant Infinity Shell (Legendary)
  • Revelry Masquerade Shell (Legendary)
  • Trostland Courier Shell (Legendary)
  • Revelry Courier Shell (Legendary)

Revelry Sparrows

All Sparrows are obtained via Eververse stock or Revelry Engrams

  • Equinoctial Edge (Exotic)
  • Circumpolar Light (Exotic)
  • The Saturnalian (Legendary)
  • Saturnalia-Dai-SP1 (Legendary)
  • Raucous Edge (Legendary)
  • The Festive Hauler (Legendary)
  • The Merry Gunner (Legendary)
  • The Convivial Racer (Legendary)

Revelry Ships

All ships are obtained via Eververse stock or Revelry Engrams

  • The Mayfly (Exotic)
  • Congregate-IS (Legendary)
  • Carouse-CER (Legendary)
  • Wassail-CER (Legendary)
  • Bombos-CER (Legendary)
  • Wander-CER (Legendary)
  • Equatorial Equilibrium (Legendary)

Revelry Shaders

All shaders are obtained via Eververse stock or Revelry Engrams

  • Verdant Chrome
  • Verdant Crown

Revelry Ghost Projections

All Ghost Projections are obtained via Eververse stock or Revelry Engrams

  • Dragonfly
  • Slice of Cheese
  • Carrot
  • Flower

Revelry Emotes

  • Perfect Swing (Exotic)
  • Stylish Fist Bump (Legendary, two players needed)
  • Hyped Dance (Legendary)
  • Glide Dance (Legendary)
  • Ricochet Dance (Legendary)

Revelry Transmat Effects

  • Spring Breeze
  • Spring Fountain

Revelry Weapons

The Revelry event doesn’t end until Tuesday, May 7 so be sure to grab the above items while you can.

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