Abby Lee Miller Makes Triumphant Return in New Dance Mom Trailer

Dance Moms will return with new episodes in June on Lifetime.

This would be exciting enough news for fans of the long-running reality competition.

But they have an entirely different and inspiring reason to look forward to Season 8, as teased in the trailer below:

Abby Lee Miller is back!

She isn’t just back on the show, following an emotional resignation in 2017 — she’s back from a very close call with cancer.

Having battled a number of health issues over the past several months, Miller comes across as more determined than ever in this preview.

Scroll down to watch the video now and also to relive all that Miller has been through of late:

Love or hate Miller, who has always been a polarizing presence, you can see in the trailer above all that she’s been through.

Boom! Everything is Different.

Boom! Everything is Different.

“In an instant, your life changes completely,” Miller says in the clip, which is followed by candid footage of her fighting back tears in a hospital bed.

Best Laid Plans Gone Awry

Best Laid Plans Gone Awry

“I was ready to go back to work and start my life over and now I can’t even walk,” she says.

Simply Heartbreaking

Simply Heartbreaking

It’s impossible to watch this footage and not tear up along with Abby.

But She’s Ready to Fight!

But She's Ready to Fight!

“I need to get back to teaching and I need to get back to screaming at children,” she says in the trailer. “I need to get back to my roots. I’m going to take these kids right back to the turf.”

What Actually Happened?

What Actually Happened?

In April 2018, a day after undergoing emergency surgery for what was initially believed to be a spinal infection, the reality star was preliminarily diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system.

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