How to Unlock the New Battlefield 5 P08 Pistol Carbine

Following on from last week’s Storyline, which let players unlock the unusual Tromboncino carbine; this week’s Storyline also features a new carbine. However, the P08 Pistol Carbine is a very different new Battlefield 5 weapon. To unlock this Recon class carbine, you’ll need to progress through the latest Storyline by completing its list of objectives. […]

How to Unlock the Battlefield 5 M91/28 Tromboncino Carbine

Starting this Thursday, Battlefield 5 players will have a brand-new Weekly Challenge to take on. This week, the reward for completing that challenge is set to be a rather unusual new weapon; the M91/28 Tromboncino. Not only is this Battlefield 5 weapon unusual because it’s a bolt-action rifle usable by the Medic class, but also […]

New Battlefield 5 Update Improves Firestorm and More

DICE has now released their second Battlefield 5 update of April 2019, with tweaks and improvements coming to a variety of things. One of the key areas to receive tweaks is Firestorm, the game’s relatively new battle royale mode. The update also introduces a variety of new content which will become available as Trial by […]

Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest Will Return Tomorrow

Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest, an 8v8 game mode which was first added to the game temporarily earlier this year, will be making its return tomorrow, on the 25th of April. The return of the mode was announced recently by DICE as part of the game’s mode rotation. The mode will tie in to the next […]

All Common, Rare, and Epic Battlefield 5 Firestorm Weapons

Unlike the standard multiplayer modes in Battlefield 5, the new Battlefield 5 Firestorm mode requires players to loot weapons from around the map, rather than starting with them. As such, players aren’t limited to certain weapons by a class. With 16 different primary weapons, 5 sidearms, and 10 melee weapons, there are plenty to choose […]

Battlefield 5 Currency is Finally Arriving In-Game Tomorrow

Months since the launch of Battlefield 5, EA and DICE are finally implementing Battlefield Currency; the second of the game’s two micro-transaction currencies. Unlike Company Coin, the Battlefield 5 Currency can be bought with real money. However, DICE is stressing that it can only be used to buy cosmetic items. Battlefield 5 Currency and What […]

How to Complete the Battlefield 5 Firestorm Objectives

As you might expect from a battle royale game, there’s a lot to do in Battlefield 5 Firestorm. However, while your ultimate objective is to eliminate enemy players and survive to the end, Firestorm also provides players with a variety of side objectives; ways to get higher-tier weapons, vehicles, and equipment. These Battlefield 5 Firestorm […]