These new photos of Prince Louis will make you swoon at his cuteness

There’s one relatively new royal family tradition that I can definitely get behind. That’s the birthday photos.  Each year, when the royal children celebrate their birthdays, Kensington Palace releases never-before-seen pictures taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. And they never fail to make us swoon over their cuteness.  This time it’s Will and Kate’s youngest […]

Video about swiping guys on Tinder is so real it hurts

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of swiping on men on Tinder, you can probably relate to this video.  A skit by writers Jon Foor and Luke Strickler poked fun at the overplayed trend of everyone on Tinder having exactly two personality traits: Liking The Office and loving dogs.  “Where’d you grow up?” Strickler asks […]

These gorillas take better selfies than any influencer can

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well these gorillas know their angles? Ndakazi and Ndeze, two orphaned gorillas who were raised at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, posed for a selfie that went viral over the weekend.  Standing upright behind ranger Mathieu Shamavu, the gorillas served nothing but […]

13 hilarious reviews of the Mueller Report on Goodreads

Robert Mueller’s had his say, now readers have theirs.Image: Alex Wong/Getty Images By Marcus Gilmer2019-04-22 18:47:59 UTC It’s been a few days since the Mueller Report was released into the world, and readers are taking to Goodreads to share some highly enlightening and entertaining reviews of what they’ve read. There are multiple published versions of […]

Kanye’s live streamed Easter service at Coachella sparks some memes

As Coachella’s second weekend wrapped up, Kanye West celebrated Easter with a live streamed Sunday Service.  Kanye’s Sunday Services were made public in January. They aren’t quite traditional church services with sermons and declarations of faith, but videos of the secretive weekly events show that the services do focus on performing music with religious undertones. […]