Fallen Order’s Combat System Resembles Sekiro

The franchises are closer than just the whole losing hands thing. While Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order got its big showcase at E3, we’ve reported before that the live demo shown really didn’t do the best job in showing off what the game was really about. For whatever reason, EA and Respawn chose to show […]

Apex Legends Now Has Loot Carrying Dragons

Well, that was out of nowhere. While the game has seen an unfortunate dropoff since it’s big debut, Apex Legends is on the verge of its second season. You can check out the details here for that. But one of the aspects of these types of ongoing games is that sometimes the unexpected can happen. […]

EA Originals Developers Talk Stadia’s Potential Impact

Small studio dev talks about the potential impact that Google’s service could have. Google’s streaming service, Stadia, could potentially change the industry in major ways. Not only is it the first streaming-only service from a huge company, it’s also something that can, potentially, deliver console like experiences without the need for hardware. It’s exciting, it’s […]

Fallen Order Gets Gameplay Tease Ahead Of E3 Reveal

You will climb in this game. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a single player focused Star Wars game. Ever since Disney bought the franchise and EA got the exclusive gaming rights, it’s almost entirely been about the multiplayer. That’s why all eyes are on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order right now. The […]

Three Kingdoms Topples Digital UK Sales Chart

The digital charts tells a very different story than the physical one. Total War: Three Kingdoms has been a huge success for Sega and Creative Assembly, from both a sales and critical reception point of view. In fact, it may even have been bigger than originally thought. We got a look at the first ever […]