How Many Subscription Services Are Too Many?

Uplay+ will be a subscription service run by Ubisoft. With it, subscribers will have access to over 100 titles from the company’s catalog, including recent releases. The company also says that they will be available on Google’s streaming platform, Google Stadia, in addition to PCs. It’s a nice thought in some ways just like Netflix was […]

Accells Products Help Keep You Connected

Gaming isn’t the sort of hobby or activity where you have just one system. It might start out that way, sure. But eventually, things have a way of accumulating. Maybe you started out with a PlayStation 3, then matured into a PlayStation 4. But, because there was no backward compatibility, you had to keep the […]

Gran Turismo Sport Getting Rainy Weather Soon

Looks like clouds are finally in the forecast for Sony’s racer. The latest installment in the racing sim, Gran Turismo Sport, has been getting a good dose of post launch support since its initial release. Just last month it got a big update that included a whole new track and venue, which you can check […]

Everything We Know About The Game So Far

Of all the game companies that showed up during this year’s E3, Sony was the one notable exception. Sadly, that meant we didn’t get any new information on Sony’s upcoming first-party titles, including The Last of Us 2. Still, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any developments regarding Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated sequel. We went […]