Sophos Home Free (for Mac)

Scan Complete A full scan with Sophos is unobtrusive. You see a subtle animation in the menu bar icon, and clicking that icon shows the scan’s progress. The scan took two hours and 13 minutes, surpassingly long given that the current average is about 20 minutes. Source link

Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e

Conclusions Samsung is showing off a lot of phones this week. The 5G model is a potential game changer. The folding phone is different, at least. The S10 units aren’t radically new, but as always, they’re solid. The hole-punch screen is less irritating than a notch, especially on the smaller units, which have the smaller […]

How to Download Streaming Music and Listen Offline

YouTube Music Premium Before Spotify and other streaming services, YouTube was the place to go to listen to music when you didn’t want to buy it on iTunes or pirate it. You can still do that, but for on-the-go tunes, there’s now YouTube Music Premium. For $9.99 per month, Premium subscribers can download as much […]

How to Block Robotexts and Spam Messages

You hear the sound of an incoming text message. You excitedly check your phone, thinking the message might be from a friend or family member. But no, this one is a robotext, a junk message sent to you by a spammer trying to con you into clicking on a link, opening an attachment, calling a […]

How to Encrypt a Document Stored on Google Drive

Encrypt Documents Before Uploading Them With these security precautions in place, you can feel pretty safe that your friends, family, or laptop thieves will be locked out of any Google Docs you have stored online. It does not, however, protect you if anything goes wrong on Google’s end. If Google’s servers get hacked, or if […]

Lexmark MB2442adwe

The Lexmark MB2442adwe is fast, produces quality output, and has a high recommended monthly print volume, making it a solid monochrome AIO for small to medium-size offices. Source link

Tech on a Budget: 27 Gift Ideas Under $20

A pricey gift isn’t always the most prized. There are plenty of ways to let someone know you’ve thought of them without spending a small fortune. You have plenty to choose from if you’re looking to spend under $100, under $50, and even less than $20. No matter what you’re celebrating, you’re sure to find […]