Elsweyr Expansion Will Add a New Necromancer Class to ESO

With the announcement of the upcoming Elsweyr expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Online, fans are rightfully excited about seeing the Khajiiti homeland and the arrival of dragons to the game. However, one additional feature which may excite fans is the addition of a new class. Elsweyr will add a fully-fledged Elder Scrolls: Online Necromancer class, giving players unprecedented control over the undead.

Elder Scrolls Online Necromancer Class On Its Way

The Upcoming Elder Scrolls: Online Necromancer Class Coming in Elsweyr

With the new dragons rather stealing the show, ZeniMax Online Studios hasn’t yet released much information about the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Online Necromancer class. It receives only a brief mention in the recent expansion announcement post; “Finally,” says the news post“Elsweyr also introduces the highly anticipated Necromancer Class to ESO. With this dark, mysterious new Class, you will be able to command the dead and cast powerful elemental spells to overcome your foes and bolster your defences. With the Necromancer class, death itself is a weapon.”

The exact abilities and play-style of the Necromancer class are currently unknown. However, it’s likely that ZeniMax will release more information closer to the expansion’s release date. What is also unknown is whether the class plays any part in the story of the Season of the Dragon. Of course, when dragons first appeared in Skyrim, Alduin raised them from the dead; perhaps there is a connection there. However, in the recent trailer, it seems more like the Elsweyr dragons were sealed away, rather than resurrected. Evidently, there are plenty of mysteries for players to unravel.

The addition of the new Necromancer class could also have something to do with the return of a certain Breton at the end of the Elsweyr trailer. That character, who has appeared in several trailers since some of the game’s earliest, was at one stage killed and turned into an undead creature. Indeed, at the end of one trailer he was shown raising an undead army and heading for the Imperial City. Now, he appears to be on his way into Elsweyr in a prison cart…

Elder Scrolls Online Necromancer Teased in Trailer

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