How to Complete The March 15 Invitation of the Nine Bounty

As of March 15, Bungie has officially begun Destiny 2’s Invitations of the Nine questline. This nine-week-long quest series allows players to earn new gear and lore entries by completing specific tasks for The Nine. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the inaugural Invitation of the Nine bounty.

Pick Up The Invitation from Xur

Destiny 2 Invitations of the Nine guide

Your first step is to pick the actual invitation up from Xur. You’ll find him in a small building east of The Rig landing zone on Titan. For this week, the Invitation is listed as “The World.” Purchasing the Invitation costs nine Legendary Shards.

Strikes and Slaying

Fulfilling The World Invitation’s requirements is pretty straightforward. The Nine want you to complete a single run of the Lake of Shadows strike on the EDZ. They also want you to gather metaphysical samples by slaying Cabal, Taken, and Fallen. Thankfully, there are plenty of Taken and Fallen to be found in the Lake of Shadows Strike.

If you need more Taken samples after finishing the strike, you can head to Io. Fallen can also be found all over the EDZ or on Titan. As for Cabal, they’re also found in the EDZ and on Nessus and Mars.

You’ve Got Potential

Once you fulfill the Invitation’s requirements it will transform into a bounty called “Into the Unknown.” It will also direct you to travel to the Drifter’s ship, The Derelict. You can do this by accessing the “Mystery and Potential” node in the Gambit sub-screen of the Director.

When you spawn in, travel though the large portal that normally leads to The Reckoning PvE mode. Instead of a battle, you’ll instead be greeted by an Emissary of the Nine. She’ll clue you in to some new lore and award you with a Powerful Gear drop. Afterwards you can also return to the Drifter in the Tower to hear more lore.

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