How to Reset Any iPhone or Android Device

Erase All Data

Erase All Data

Return to the Settings screen. Now, you have to hunt down the right option to reset your device. Since this is Android, the location for that option varies by manufacturer, device, and OS version. You may find it under Backup & reset, under General Management, or even under System. If you can’t locate it, search for “Reset” in the Settings screen.

Then, look for an option that says Factory Data Reset or Erase all data (factory reset). Tap that button. The next screen tells you what the reset will erase and shows you your signed-in accounts. Tap the Reset button to proceed.

You’re asked to enter your PIN or password. Another confirmation screen pops up. Tap the button to Erase Everything or Delete All. Your device is wiped and restored to factory conditions. After the reset and a restart, your device should display the Welcome screen. You can now power it down and prepare for its departure.

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