Katy Perry Dishes on Her Upcoming Wedding to Orlando Bloom, Plus: Lionel Richie’s Easter Egg Hunt

Singer Katy Perry came to play for Disney Night on “American Idol.”

“Extra” special correspondent Robert Palmer spoke with Perry, who transformed into “The Little Mermaid” villain Ursula. While doing her best Ursula impersonation, she revealed that her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom would be a “private ceremony.”

Her fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie also joked about getting invited to the wedding. Luke said, “We’re trying to get an invite to the wedding… I’ve been jogging to the mailbox every day. Must be a private ceremony.”

The trio spent Easter Sunday at work, but Lionel had an egg hunt at his house earlier in the day. He shared, “There were little munchkins running around… Who didn’t know who I was… These were my grandkids.”

Luke commented, “The problem at Lionel’s house is when the kids think they find an egg, it’s a golf ball cause he lives on the golf course.”

Lionel agreed, saying, “It was true they were finding golf balls…golf balls everywhere.”

Will they do a third season of “American Idol”? Katy said, “I hope so. Can you tell the world that you want us? Vote us in.”

She continued, “The show is totally different than what it used to be; I think people are uplifted.”

Luke pointed out, “If we’re feuding, in-between us, America can feel all that. Nobody wants to watch that. We legitimately enjoy (A) working together, (B) seeing these kids —” Katy chimed in, “Find their power.” Lionel noted that the show is all about encouragement.

As for the three of them taking the “Idol” stage together to perform, Katy teased, “Well, just keep watching.”

“American Idol” airs Sunday nights on ABC.

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