Mysterious New Fallout 76 Vault Seems to be Missing its Number

Yesterday, Bethesda released Wild Appalachia, the first big post-launch release for Fallout 76. The host of free new content comprised most of Update 7, a sizeable download for console players at around 20 GB. However, players have seemingly discovered something which was quietly added to the game as part of the update; a new Fallout 76 vault. The vault isn’t open yet. In fact, it actually seems to be missing the texture where its vault number would normally be.

The New Numberless Fallout 76 Vault

The new Fallout 76 vault was first spotted by Redditor ‘Bearing51’ and their wife, while they were exploring West Virginia. They posted a screenshot of both the vault door and its map location on Reddit. The discovery was swiftly confirmed by other players, who determined that it was indeed added by Update 7. Fallout 76 already has several closed vaults, and Bethesda has teased that they will eventually open and serve as raid-style dungeons. In fact, fans may have gotten a brief glimpse of these subterranean locations towards the end of the Wild Appalachia trailer.

New Fallout 76 Vault Missing Number Location

Vault 63, Vault 94, and Vault 98 are all already locations in Fallout 76. Indeed, all three have yet to open. (Although a player did once glitch into the unfinished interior of Vault 63 by accident.) This new vault currently doesn’t have a map marker, so players don’t know what it will be called. It’s unknown why the vault is missing the texture for its identifying number; it may simply have been a mistake by the developers. For now, it hardly matters, as the site is clearly far from being finished.

Given that some of the game’s vaults are due to start opening, this mysterious new vault may be the result of Bethesda adding new vault locations ahead of time; potential locations to open further vaults after the first few as part of a future update, perhaps. For now, fans will have to keep an eye on the location to see as and when Bethesda adds more to the mysterious door.

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