Nicki Minaj Cancels BET Show After Network Makes Cardi B Grammy Joke

Nicki Minaj

Cancels BET Show …

After Network Trashes Her With Cardi Tweet

2/11/2019 12:12 PM PST

Exclusive Details

BET thought it was a good idea to make fun of Nicki Minaj by dragging her on Twitter after Cardi B took home some Grammy hardware … and now the network’s gonna pay for it, courtesy of Nicki.

The “QUEEN” rapper announced Monday that she and her label, Young Money, would not be part of the BET Experience later this summer — which is a concert series that she and Cardi were booked to headline just days before the BET Awards in June. 

Sources connected to Nicki tell us she did, in fact, cancel the gig in direct response to BET’s crass joke — and she made that quite clear with her follow-up tweets. 

People were putting BET on blast, saying they owed Nicki an apology since the comment was a low-blow. Nicki seemed to agree, saying … “Meanwhile, BET is being dragged by their lacefront,” adding a laughing emoji for good measure.

Touche, Nick.

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