The entire Castlevania timeline explained

In the year 1999, Julius Belmont destroys Dracula completely, ending his cycle of regeneration by sealing his castle within an eclipse. 36 years later, Soma Cruz, a transfer student visiting Japan, is pulled into a solar eclipse alongside side his friend, Mina. Within the eclipse they discover they’ve been transported to Dracula’s castle. Monsters attack them and Soma uncovers his power to absorb the spirits of creatures he kills. Entering the castle, he learns he is a potential vessel for the reincarnation of Dracula’s powers. With the help of companions he meets along the way, Soma fights off Dracula’s influence and destroys the castle before returning with Mina to Japan.

Dawn of Sorrow picks up in 2036, a year after the events of Aria. Celia Fortner, a cult leader, attacks Soma, hoping to kill him and reclaim his power to create a new dark lord. Soma tracks Celia back to her lair, a copy of Dracula’s castle, where he defeats two other dark lord candidates, Dmitrii and Dario. Soma chases Celia to the castle’s center where she kills a doppelganger of Mina in front of him. Dmitrii’s soul, previously absorbed by Soma, enters the doppelganger. Dmitrii absorbs the souls of several powerful demons, which transform him into a gigantic creature. Soma defeats the creature, once again rejecting the power of the dark lord and fleeing the castle with his friends.

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