What the leaks have revealed about Apex Legends

If you have been keeping an eye on leaks since the game’s launch, you’ve probably been expecting Octane since a month before he joined the roster. In mid-February, just two weeks after the game’s launch, a Twitter user going by the handle @Shrugtal found the Legend’s name in the game’s files. Specifically, he tweeted out a list of audio files associated with Octane. To drive the point home, he found files that specifically mentioned “stim_inject” and “stim_release.” As we now know, Stim is his tactical ability, and he indeed injects himself with it then removes it from his body.

Clearly, Shrugtal found a meaningful leak in Octane. But in more exciting news, he found another Legend at the same time. This new character, going by the name Wattson, also had a slew of audio files in the game. This character’s abilities mention a variable called “wattson_teslatrap_damage,” implying some sort of electrical trap acts as Wattson’s core mechanic.

While Respawn has yet to officially confirm or deny Wattson’s existence, Shrugtal was right on the money with Octane. Additionally, we got a semi-confirmation from another source. Twitch streamer Shroud, who has played a lot of Apex Legends since February, claimed that he was a playtester for the game a year ago. During that time, he got the opportunity to play early builds of Octane and Wattson because Respawn knew they would be the first two characters to release post-launch.

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