Why Mary from Bohemian Rhapsody looks so familiar

Even though Bohemian Rhapsody gave Boynton a chance to show off her dramatic acting chops, she’s made a name for herself in horror movie circles. One of her more recent features, Apostle, is a bloody period piece that fits squarely in that category. The movie was directed by Gareth Evans, known for directing The Raid and The Raid 2, though it doesn’t feature the kind of martial arts action that made those other features cult favorites.

Apostle tells the story of a man (Dan Stevens) in 1905 trying to rescue his kidnapped sister from a dangerous religious cult on a remote island. As supplies on the island run low and the faithful begin to lose hope, the group’s leader, Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen), begins to take more desperate and drastic measures. Boynton plays Prophet Malcolm’s daughter, Andrea, who is beginning to understand the evil that her father is doing. While Boynton describes this movie as “more story heavy than The Raid films,” she adds that “there are some really great action sequences”.

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